Saturday Satellite Seminar Series

Every era has a relatively small number of original and influential persons, those who generate initiative, discoveries, achievements and insights which shape our own cultures and societies — and often those of future generations. If we know these people well, it is through their works: their campaigns and institutions, their books and inventions, their vaccines, their symphonies, their monuments and their firms.

The Saturday Satellite Series with Werner Erhard was a program designed to give us a new access to such people — a glimpse of the commitments and visions that inform such lives, and that serve as the source of their creations. The series was conducted as a dialogue between Werner Erhard and prominent guest speakers who are widely recognized for their achievements and expertise. These dialogues were designed not to present particular views, but to open an inquiry that elicits creative thinking and productive action from and for all participants.

Each session provided a platform for speakers to generate their own discussion, to share influences and experiences, to pose provocative questions, and to allow participants to share in a candid, dynamic and creative exchange. By way of these dialogues, the Satellite Series offered new perspectives, new insights and new ways of approaching key public issues and concerns.

Broadcast live to thousands of participants throughout the United States, each series focused on a particular theme, exploring key principles and assumptions and leading-edge insights that govern the relevant fields.

Leading public figures in this series included Alice Cahana, Robert Reich, Milton Friedman, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mike Wallace, Stephen Jay Gould, James Burke, Andrew Tobias, Al Neuharth, Senator Daniel Inouye and William F. Buckley, Jr.

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Werner Erhard Interviews Robert Reich (excerpt):




Werner Erhard Interviews:


Alice Cahana

Alice Cahana


werner erhard and kareem abdup jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar



werner erhard interviews mike wallace

Mike Wallace



wernererhardand williamfbuckley

William F. Buckley